The straw is chopped, then finely milled into fibres and then pelleted. During this process the fibres are heat treated which removes all the spores and allergens in the straw. This also reduces the palatability of the pellets as well as aiding mould prevention in the animal’s bedding.
The pellets are then dust extracted and packaged for end use in 15-25kg bags or 550-1,100kg big bags.

100% natural wheat straw – soft, warm and comfortable with no additives
Ultra absorbent – will absorb 3 times its own weight minimum.
Quick and easy to use – up to 12 horse stalls can be cleaned in one hour (12’ x 12’)
Smaller manure heaps – you use less bedding that composts in a matter of weeks providing a great natural fertiliser
Cost effective – less product is used than with other bedding types
Safe – heat treated to remove spores and moulds whilst providing a soft supportive hoof friendly bed
Convenience – poured straight from the bag into the box stable and requires